What are you doing with open data?

December 14, 2015

If you have used any of the open data on this site and want to highlight or show off what you have done then we have a place on OpenDataNI where you can demonstrate your work – it is called the Showcase feature. What it does is highlights and promotes any app/article/report/website or visual representation of one or several of the open datasets on OpenDataNI.

So what are you waiting for? Have you or your organisation done anything exciting or useful with any of the open datasets on the site? Then let us know and we can put it up as a Showcase on the site and let the world know about it! Your work may provide further insight and generate ideas or inspiration for someone else.

Showcases can include an image, description, tags and external link. Showcases may contain several datasets, helping users discover related datasets being used together. They can also be discovered by searching and filtered by tag.

The information we will need to know in order to publish your Showcase is:

  • A title for your showcase
  • A short description – for example what data you used and what you did with it
  • A few tag words – these are key words so that showcases can be filtered and searched using them
  • A list of all the datasets from OpenDataNI which you used
  • A graphical image – we can upload this (if you send it to us) or link to it 
  • An external link – a link to a website URL
  • Your name – this will be displayed on the website beside your showcase – by giving us your name you consent to this being published beside your showcase
  • Your email address

If you require any further details or wish to submit a Showcase then please use the Contact tab on the top right of the website.