• Open Local Nature Reserves

    Local Nature Reserves (LNR's) are designated across Northern Ireland for their wildlife value, rich in biodiversity, species of note and conservation, and for vulnerable or...
    2 days ago
  • Open Calendar of events in NI

    TourismNI/DiscoverNorthernIreland maintain a searchable list of events, including location, address, contact details and price at:...
    4 days ago
  • Open Planned water supply outages

    Sometimes work on the water supply requires scheduled outages in small areas. Can these outages be distributed in advance in an open manner that is computer-accessible? In...
    4 days ago
  • Closed Planned electricity outages

    Is it possible to get access to the schedule of planned electricity outages? Sometimes work on the power grid requires scheduled outages in small areas. Can these outages be...
    4 days ago
  • Open Fire and Rescue Incidents

    Detailed information on each incident attended by NI Fire and Rescue Services. Relevant data such as date, type of building, size of crew/appliances in attendance, response time...
    2 months ago
  • Open Employees by Location

    The set would have a number of people working in a location (properly geocoded). This does not need to include the nature of work done or for whom it is done. In the case of...
    2 months ago
  • Closed Country Parks in Northern Ireland

    It would be good to have access to a GIS shapefile dataset containing the country parks in Northern Ireland, as listed on the NI Direct website here:...
    2 months ago
  • Open Fly Tipping

    Instances of fly-tipping recorded, including the spatial location (coordinates) and the type of waste being dumped, action taken (warning letters, fines, prosecution etc).
    2 months ago
  • Closed Parades Commission upcoming parade data

    The Parades Commission used to have an RSS feed of upcoming parades, but that functionality was lost in a site redesign in 2014. What I'd love is the ability to run their...
    2 months ago
  • Closed WFD waterbody status classifications

    Data on the classification of waterbodies (all types) over time in relation to Water Framework Directive standards
    2 months ago