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Youth Service Registration Data & Grant Aid NIYSA Data

The Education Authority completes annual registration of youth groups (referred to in the data as units). The data for youth service units registered with the Education Authority Youth Service is referred to as NIYSA data. This data will contain the name of youth organisations (units), addresses and contact and associated variables including organisation type and tenure, opening hours per week, opening hours per year. Enrolled membership by gender and age groups. Equality variables including Ethnic background, disability, perceived religious affiliation. Numbers and types of paid and voluntary staff working within units. Numbers of staff trained at various levels. I would request unit level data were possible be released, I would recognise that equality variables may need to be aggregated to larger levels that units. The data is also linked to grand aid payments made on an annual basis and this data concerning the amount of grant aid should be released also.

Additional Info

Creator Alastair Scott-mckinley
Created over 4 years ago
Closed Not closed yet
Requested on behalf of Ulster University
Suggested use Youth units could be geo mapped to provide young people and service users with basic information on youth services in their area; in addition, analysis of trends of young people’s use, volunteers engagement, analysis of youth service grant aid funding
Potential benefits Potential for developers to develop Apps for young people to access information about youth service provision in their area if address data provided, in addition this would enable local organisations, 3rd sector organisations, funders to develop insight into gaps in provision, trends in membership and changes in use over time, insight into changes in funding and mapping investment. There is also the potential to map and compare the data against other government data
Data owner Education Authority, Regional Youth Support Services, Block 1, 16 Grahamsbridge Road, Dundonald, BT16 2HS, Tel: 02890566200
Status Scheduled for release
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