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Waste data from schools

Through eco schools the schools are required to submit their waste and recycling profiles. This data is gathered by eco schools.

Every school that is part of eco schools is required to fill out this form. The information could be useful for comparing schools waste management techniques. Kids and the public could see which schools are the best and worst at their waste management.

Also by looking at the data maybe it might show some interesting statistics.

Additional Info

Creator martin naugton
Created over 4 years ago
Closed over 4 years ago
Requested on behalf of
Suggested use A tool for teaching kids waste management and comparing schools
Potential benefits Kids are more engaged with their waste and the ublic can see who are the worst and best schools for waste management. This might encourage schools at the bottom of the league to do better when being compared.
Data owner eco schools
Accepted Dataset None
Status Not held by public sector
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