Cannot be released

Flood Maps NI

Flood outlines included on Flood Maps NI: Indicative Fluvial Flood Extents (Present Day) Indicative Fluvial Flood Extents (Climate Change) Detailed Fluvial Flood Extents (Present Day) Coastal Flood Extents (Present Day) Coastal Flood Extents (Climate Change) Surface Water Flood Extents

Data is equivalent of similar published by Environment Agency (Eng/Wal) via Opendata / Release via a WMS service or similar would be appropriate.

Additional Info

Creator Kyle Somerville
Created over 2 years ago
Closed over 2 years ago
Requested on behalf of
Suggested use Flood risk awareness
Potential benefits Opening datasets will help raise awareness of areas that have previously flooded and those we believe to be at risk, helping those living or working in or near those areas to be flood aware and plan accordingly.
Data owner DfI Rivers
Accepted Dataset None
Status Cannot be released
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