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Property Valuation Lists

Land & Property Services (LPS) maintains valuation list for all domestic and non-domestic (business) properties in Northern Ireland which are subject to rates, in respect of its rating duties.

This contains useful data on each property's value, characteristics and use, and would be of great benefit to anyone looking to support evidence-based decision-making in such areas as: public finance, housing, community development (and council Community Planning), poverty, land use, regeneration, among others.

It would also be of use as a form of business intelligence, particularly for businesses in the property sector, but also to any organisation seeking new opportunities and premises, could help to increase the uptake of empty properties (domestic and non-domestic) and encourage the economic development of deprived areas.

Additional Info

Creator Bob Harper
Created over 4 years ago
Closed over 4 years ago
Requested on behalf of NICVA
Suggested use Research, business intelligence, evidence-based decision-making, community planning
Potential benefits Greater insight into the impact of valuation and rating; Reducing the number of empty homes and business premises
Data owner LPS
Accepted Dataset None
Status Cannot be released
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