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Planned water supply outages

Sometimes work on the water supply requires scheduled outages in small areas. Can these outages be distributed in advance in an open manner that is computer-accessible?

In particular, it would be helpful if a 'feed' was provided that specified the following individual items:

  • ResponsibleEntity - the company or contractor responsible for the outage.
  • ResponsibleEntityEmailAddress.
  • ResponsibleEntityPhoneNumber.

  • StartDateTime - the date and time the outage starts.

  • EndDateTime - the date and time the outage finishes.

  • Location - a computer-accessible rendition of the affected area. Co-ordinates and radius would work from my perspective, but 'district' might be better from other users' point of view. I really don't want this to be a Big Block Of Text (e.g. 'from halfway up Road A until it meets Road B') that a computer has no easy way of parsing though.

  • Town - the nearest town or city.

Additional Info

Creator Geoff Taylor
Created over 3 years ago
Closed Not closed yet
Requested on behalf of OpinionatedGeek Ltd.
Suggested use Easier notification of affected users
Potential benefits Better planning by affected users
Data owner
Status Scheduled for release
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