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Calendar of events in NI

TourismNI/DiscoverNorthernIreland maintain a searchable list of events, including location, address, contact details and price at:

Can this information be provided in a machine-accessible manner? At the minute it's just text on a web page.

I'd be interested in finding results using the following parameters: Date Start / Date End / Location / Price

The sort of data I'd like to see returned (in a structured format rather than just a Big Block Of Text that a computer can't understand) would be: Title / Category / Description / Date Start / Date End / Start Time / End Time / Duration / Location / Organizer / Address / Parking Details / Public Transport Details / Contact Phone Number / Contact Email Address / Price

In future it would be great if this could act as an aggregator for other event sources in NI.

Additional Info

Creator Geoff Taylor
Created 12 months ago
Closed Not closed yet
Requested on behalf of OpinionatedGeek Ltd.
Suggested use If the events were all aggregated and provided in a computer-accessible way, anyone could provide an interface to that data however they chose. Someone could write a web site for it, sure, but also someone could poll the data to send alerts on keywords or provide a schedule of events near them in the next week.
Potential benefits
Data owner Tourism NI / Discover Northern Ireland
Status Data holder contacted
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