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Calendar of events in NI

TourismNI/DiscoverNorthernIreland maintain a searchable list of events, including location, address, contact details and price at:

Can this information be provided in a machine-accessible manner? At the minute it's just text on a web page.

I'd be interested in finding results using the following parameters: Date Start / Date End / Location / Price

The sort of data I'd like to see returned (in a structured format rather than just a Big Block Of Text that a computer can't understand) would be: Title / Category / Description / Date Start / Date End / Start Time / End Time / Duration / Location / Organizer / Address / Parking Details / Public Transport Details / Contact Phone Number / Contact Email Address / Price

In future it would be great if this could act as an aggregator for other event sources in NI.

Additional Info

Creator Geoff Taylor
Created 8 months ago
Closed Not closed yet
Requested on behalf of OpinionatedGeek Ltd.
Suggested use If the events were all aggregated and provided in a computer-accessible way, anyone could provide an interface to that data however they chose. Someone could write a web site for it, sure, but also someone could poll the data to send alerts on keywords or provide a schedule of events near them in the next week.
Potential benefits
Data owner Tourism NI / Discover Northern Ireland
Status Data holder contacted
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