Break down of types of recycling waste statistics

From this link below you can see there is a lot of good data in the excel file. Its not machine readable but the data is broken down very well. From the data you can see they breakdown from kerbside, Civic amenities, and bring sites. The types: Glass,Metal,Paper and card,Plastic,Compostable,Electrical goods,Construction and demolition,Textiles,Wood ,Other That data over time is useful to graph on a map. Aswell it would be useful to produce the break down of recycling information to each civic amenity sites. Shows what sites are the best. This is additional and not available in the link above. This information is available on the tabs Table5, Table6, Table7 and Table8 in the link above. Table 2 shows the waste from Civic amenities buts it on a council level. A breakdown to Civic amenities is better.

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Creator martin naugton
Created over 3 years ago
Closed over 2 years ago
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Suggested use Graph the information on the map, show the best recycling places.
Potential benefits You can compare different councils and different civic amenity against each other.
Data owner NIEA
Accepted Dataset Materials collected at Northern Ireland Local Authority Waste Management Sites - Time Series Data
Status Released
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