Not held by public sector

Mobile Coverage and Quality of Internet Service

As a Programme Executive currently working on testing and developing an online learning platform for young people, I want to look at a mapping of Wi-Fi hotspots and the quality of wireless internet speeds (broadband/download speeds) across NI so that we can look at provision options for young people who can't access the online resources that other young people can. Ensuring quality of provision across the province.

Additional Info

Creator Lisa McGeady
Created over 3 years ago
Closed over 3 years ago
Requested on behalf of The Prince's Trust
Suggested use Identify geographical areas that might need extra support to be able to access our online resources
Potential benefits Address shortfall in internet provision and ensure quality of provision to all young people across NI regardless of where they live
Data owner Ofcom (I think?)
Accepted Dataset None
Status Not held by public sector
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