• Closed Rail Statistics

    Rail statistics data by the railway stations in each local authority in Northern Ireland and am looking to find the number of entries/exists for 2016 per station. Entries Total...
    5 months ago
  • Closed Mobile Coverage and Quality of Internet Service

    As a Programme Executive currently working on testing and developing an online learning platform for young people, I want to look at a mapping of Wi-Fi hotspots and the quality...
    5 months ago
  • Open Giving blood

    All data in Northern Ireland regarding giving blood, ages, sex, areas,blood type that give etc
    6 months ago
  • Open Publically managed recycling locations in NI

    Some councils already publish thiis kind of data e.g. https://www.lisburncastlereagh.gov.uk/resident/bins-recycling/bring-bank-locations but it would be good to get a single...
    6 months ago
  • Open Ballot box turnout

    Given that there is a lack of detailed demographic data on who has voted in elections, and the remarkable change in turnout at the 2017 Assembly Elections, it would be useful to...
    6 months ago
  • Open Missing library books

    A breakdown of books that are missing from library's per library and how long they have been missing, also include book name and author.
    6 months ago
  • Closed Health Survey NI

    The Health Survey NI provides rich data on approx. 4,000 adults each year. Questions cover a range of health topics including health status and health related behaviors. Access...
    6 months ago
  • Closed Nursing home locations

    There is a metadata dataset for registered nursing homes in northern ireland. I can not find the actual dataset. Can opendata ni get this dataset?...
    7 months ago
  • Closed Postcodes Directory

    The NI Central Postcode Directory provides a 'lookup' between active and terminated postcodes and statistical and administrative areas (i.e. for each postcode, which areas it...
    8 months ago
  • Open Youth Service Registration Data & Grant Aid NIYSA Data

    The Education Authority completes annual registration of youth groups (referred to in the data as units). The data for youth service units registered with the Education...
    8 months ago