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OpenDataNI website usage data, collated via Google Analytics, for the period from the site's launch on 26th November 2015 up to end December 2019.

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Creation Date October 17, 2018, 15:22 (UTC)
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Data has been collated using Google Analytics and covers the period from 26th November 2015 onward. A very small number of rows have been removed from Page Downloads data due to illegibility as a result of output from GA in a non-Latin character set, and for only that reason may totals derived from that dataset not precisely tally with figures contained within the Daily Downloads numbers data for some months. A Download is defined as a download of a datafile directly from OpenDataNI and therefore will not include instances of data download where a publisher hosts their data on their own website or elsewhere and has provided a url to the data rather than uploaded it onto OpenDataNI.

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