OSNI Open Data - Coverage Grid - 50K

This shows the location of each of our 50K tiles. The 50K Grid is published here for Open Data and can be used as a reference system for the download of the 50m DTM.

The OSNI Largescale grid is referenced to the Irish Grid, with all of Northern Ireland being covered by a grid of 17,335 tiles. Urban areas are covered by 1:1250 tiles and rural areas at 1:2500. Each 1:1250 tile covers an area of 0.6 km x 0.4 km and each 1:2500 tile covers an area of 1.2 km x 0.8 km.Please Note for Open Data NI Users: Esri Rest API is not Broken, it will not open on its own in a Web Browser but can be copied and used in Desktop and Webmaps

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